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Smoothest & Fastest Waxing Experience Around

The waxing experts at Touch will give you the safest and best hair removal services in the Milltown, New Jersey, area. We utilize a couple of processes that best suit our customers, including Nufree & RICA wax.

Smooth Legs

Nufree is a non-wax hair removal process formulated to stick only to the hair. Since it is not a wax, it will never stick to the skin, allowing for a nearly pain-free procedure. This product:

» Has Self-Preserving Antibacterial/Antimicrobial Ingredients. Clean & Germ-Free
» Includes Botanical Ingredients That Are Safe for the Entire Body
» Never Dries & Can Be Erased At Any Time
» Is Scientifically Tested & Uses No Animal Products


A new product to Touch, RICA wax is a natural, luxurious process that is less painful that traditional waxing while offering gentle, nourishing anti-inflammatory care. RICA is:

» Derived From 98% Natural Ingredients
» Self-Preserving Antibacterial/Antimicrobial Ingredients. Clean & Germ-Free
» Designed for All Skin Types & the Entire Body
» Gentle & Nourishing for a More Comfortable Waxing Experience

Woman With Waxed Eyebrows


Whether you wish to remove hair from your brows, chin, or full face, we can provide an effective process. Services include:

» Eyebrows: $14 & Up » Lip: $12 & Up » Chin: $14 & Up

Beautiful Woman


Get ready for beach weather or just cut down on your daily prep time with our waxing services. These services include:

» Partial Arm: $35 & Up
» Full Arm: $65 & Up
» Underarm: $50 & Up

» Partial Leg: $35 & Up
» Full Leg: $65 & Up
» Bikini: $50 & Up